About me….


I refer to myself as a wood artisan and I am fulfilling my dream of working creatively.  I’ve always been drawn to nature, so it’s only natural that I work with twigs, old wood and new, and found objects to create my folk art and country style furniture.

I also enjoy furniture restoration, learning about the history of a piece and how it comes to me for repair.  Sometimes it’s an amazing puzzle taking it apart and putting it back together, finding ways to repair it without destroying the integrity of the piece.  I love giving it new life and returning it to its owner to be passed down to another generation.

Folk is an important medium to me because it crosses barriers, making art available to everyone.  It encompasses many of my joys of carving, designing, working with tools, walking in the woods, and talking to friends and neighbors while collecting saplings or exploring new ideas.

My work tends to be about recycling or repurposing what would typically be discarded or destroyed.  An Interesting piece of worn wood or metal becomes an embellishment on a box, a table or bench, or perhaps the antenna for a grasshopper windvane.  By adding a dose of whimsy, I create unusual objects that call out to the viewer, asking you to think differently and appreciate our natural surroundings.

The type of work I do continues to evolve and I’m exploring the world of various vintage findings, including warehouse carts and other artifacts  It’s a bit of a mystery as to how it will all play out, but it’s a delightful journey!